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Electrical Spa and Hot Tub Repair

I have been in the pool and spa industry for 27 years and have seen and fixed almost every electrical problem there is. I am familiar with the various spa systems including sophisticated control panels, circuit boards, pump motors, blower motors and electrical service. I am qualified licensed and insured to work on spa and hot tub electrical systems.

Before calling you should check your breakers to make sure the breaker does not need to be reset. If the breaker frequently trips you should schedule a service call to determine if it is undersized or if there may be other causes. There may be Ground Fault Interruption issues as well if you have the spa on the same circuit as a GFI breaker. If this does not solve the issue and you would like for me to come diagnose and repair the spa or hot tub contact me below.

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Some of the more common spa repairs we do include circuit boards, topside controls, heater elements, control boxes, trouble shooting, leaks, pumps/motors, jets, spa covers and acrylic repair. To schedule a prompt appointment: